Baby Is Owasso Father's Joy After Mother Arrested For Murder

Thursday, September 24th 2009, 8:57 pm
By: News On 6

By Lori Fullbright, The News On 6

OWASSO, OK -- Daniel Brafford was worried he wouldn't know where or when his infant son would be born.

Collin Tyler Brafford weighed eight pounds and was 19 inches long. He is his father's joy. Because Collin's mother complied with a court order, Daniel Brafford is a sleep-deprived, very happy single father.

Daniel was afraid being with his son might never happen.

That's because his second wife, Shiloh Brafford, is charged with first degree murder in the death of Daniel's 14-month-old son Davis, from a previous marriage.

Davis died of a head injury while in Shiloh's care, and police say she told several stories about how the injury happened. After Davis' death, Daniel filed for divorce and then learned Shiloh was pregnant.

Daniel asked a judge for and got custody of Collin once he was born. Child Protective Services called Daniel when Shiloh checked into a Tulsa hospital.

"When I got to nursing and saw him, it was a huge relief, yes awesome," said Daniel Brafford. "I got him right away - an hour after he was born - so I was the first person to hold him and everything still."

Daniel's sister and the mother of his daughter help care for Collin while Daniel works. Having a newborn has been a joy, but little Davis' memory is never far away.

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"Kaitlin gets to spend time with him, and I wish his brother was here to spend time with him, so it's been harder," Daniel Brafford said.

Shiloh Brafford is out of jail on bond and is allowed two hours visitation with Collin three times a week, in the presence of a police officer.

"I feel sorry for him and her but at the same time, she brought it upon herself," Daniel said.

As Daniel masters being a single father, he is also getting ready for court proceedings where he hopes the truth about little Davis' death will finally come to light.

Shiloh Brafford's preliminary hearing is set for October 19th in Wagoner County. Her attorney says she's a registered nurse with no criminal history who could never hurt a child and is innocent of killing Davis.