Owasso Throws A Party For Cindy And Timmy

Thursday, September 24th 2009, 5:01 pm
By: News On 6

By Rick Wells, The News On 6

OWASSO, OK -- Timmy and Cindy have been showing up in public places all over Owasso for the past five years. The Timmy and Cindy Project is a public art initiative. There are 34 of these little bronze castings, and the city thinks it's about time for a party as the 35th is unveiled.

"Children are Owasso's greatest asset," said Owasso City Manager Rodney Ray.

Ray says focusing on kids was the whole idea when the Timmy and Cindy Project started five years ago. Timmy and Cindy are small bronze statues and they're all over town. Get a map at the historical society and see how many you can find.

"The first one is right over there," Ray said, indicating a statue of Timmy and Cindy holding a dog on a bench.

"People come from out of town just to see them," said City Manager Rodney Ray. People also like to pose for pictures with them.

Some of the statues are just of Timmy: there's one of him with a slingshot and another of him by City Hall. There's Timmy the fisherman, Timmy the golfer, Timmy the cowboy, Timmy the baseball player and Timmy the painter.

Could Cindy be upset about all the statues of Timmy - there's a statue of them arguing.

"All the statues have been donated by families and businesses in Owasso," Ray said.

The City Manager said there is little public money spent on these, yet they have become almost iconic in representing the city's focus on family. The Timmy and Cindy Project began five years ago with about a dozen statues, now there are 34.

The newest one will be unveiled Friday. There's a birthday celebration Friday morning at 10:30 in Owasso's Friendship Park. They'll unveil the 35th statue in the series, and some real kids will be there to sing Happy Birthday.