Tulsa County Doctors Discuss Health Care Reform

Wednesday, August 19th 2009, 10:15 pm
By: News On 6

By Chris Wright, The News On 6

TULSA, OK -- Doctors have looked over the charts and are now offering their opinions on health care reform.  The Tulsa County Medical Society talked reform with Congressman John Sullivan and Congresswoman Mary Fallin on Wednesday evening.

The town hall was much more civil than some of the others, but Tulsa-area doctors got their point across, they are not in favor of the proposed reform.

Congresswoman Mary Fallin brought a copy of the actual bill that's causing such a stir across the country.  She, like most gathered at the Tulsa County Medical Society, feels it's not a proper prescription for reform.

"I think the patient should have direct access to the doctor and not have some federal bureaucrat in Washington deciding what kind of care they get, how much care they get, and where they're going to get it," said Congresswoman Mary Fallin.

Fallin and Sullivan are not fans of the public option and instead discussed the possibility of reform driven by the free market.  The format mirrored other town halls, but without the fireworks.

The doctors calmly discussed why they hope House Bill 3200 fails.

"We have a great health care system in this country. There are a few problems with it, but to completely tear it down, overhaul it, and make it a public entity is not the way I think it should go," said Dr. Lynn Frame.

"The initiatives that have been taken on Capitol Hill have been somewhat rushed, and hurried, and I'm not sure they've taken a step back to look at the implications of what they're proposing," said Tulsa County Medical Society President Dr. Marc Milsten.

Along with the 1,100 page bill, Fallin and Sullivan say they will return to Washington with the doctors' input.

"We will take this message back to DC when we talk about health care reform," said Republican Congresswoman Mary Fallin.

While the American Medical Association has backed the bill, the Tulsa County Medical Association seems unified in its opposition.  When asked who supports the current legislation, not a single doctor raised a hand.

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