Glenpool's New City Hall To Have Sapulpa Zip Code

Tuesday, August 18th 2009, 10:14 pm
By: News On 6

By Emory Bryan, The News On 6

GLENPOOL, OK -- The City of Glenpool has plans to build a new city hall and, if you can't find it, trying looking in Sapulpa.  The towns are not far apart to begin with and soon Glenpool's new city hall will be in Sapulpa, sort of.

A new building will be the Glenpool Convention Center and City Hall.  It's planned for a site just behind the new Wal-Mart.  And, it's going to have a Sapulpa address.

"It will, unless, we're planning on getting PO box here in Glenpool, that's the only way.  We can't change the zip code.  That's a postal service thing," said Lea Ann Golden with the City of Glenpool.

Lea Ann Golden with the City of Glenpool says there was just no way around it.  It's because some government services for Glenpool, Jenks, Sapulpa and Bixby overlap.  In fact, Glenpool's popular new shopping area actually has a Sapulpa address.  Now that the city hall is going in nearby, the address problem has come up again.

The boundaries converge at 121st and Highway 75.  Generally, north is the City of Jenks and south is Glenpool.  West of 75 and South of 121st is the site of the new city hall which has a Sapulpa zip code, even though it's inside Glenpool's city limits.

"We have to draw the boundary lines somewhere," said Glenpool Postmaster Debra Hunter.

Glenpool's Postmaster says the decision was made long ago.

"Those lines were established long before the shopping center was planned, and once they're established, we have to keep it that way," said Glenpool Postmaster Debra Hunter.

The confusion extends to schools because nearby neighborhoods inside Glenpool have students attending Bixby, Liberty and Mounds.

"Between our city limits, our school district and our zip code, it's really confusing for a lot of people," said Lea Ann Golden with the City of Glenpool.

And, the confusion is sure to get worse when it's not just Glenpool's Wal-Mart in Sapulpa, but also the Glenpool City Hall.

The City of Glenpool recently determined a long time business in their city limits was sending sales tax to Sapulpa.  That's been changed and the tax money from the new shopping center benefits Glenpool.