More Learned About Possible Tulsa-Area Asphalt Scam

Tuesday, August 11th 2009, 5:49 pm
By: News On 6

By Lori Fullbright, The News On 6

SAND SPRINGS, OK -- The News On 6 has uncovered new details about men accused of pulling an asphalt paving scam in the Tulsa area.  Two victims who spoke with The News On 6 say the men overcharged them for terrible quality work.  Now, evidence has been uncovered that shows the men working here are some of the same men who were charged with the same scheme in Missouri last summer.

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Calvin and Deloris Newport of Silver City agreed to let the men resurface their driveway after they say the men approached them.  They were told the men had left-over asphalt and would cut them a good deal, the price was a $1.40 a square foot, but when the job was over, the men wanted a check for more than $7,000.

The Newports stopped payment on the check when their daughter realized the work was inferior.  

Jenifer Wiley, whose husband is serving in Iraq, told The News On 6 a similar story, but her check was for $10,000.  In both cases, the checks were made out to a Jason Williams.

Some work trucks were tracked down at Sand Springs motel parking lot.  Right away, some things seemed strange.

The men told the victims they were local and they do have Oklahoma tags on their work trucks, but the number on the side of the trucks is out of San Antonio and when The News On 6 called it, the woman who answered said she was in Sallisaw, Oklahoma.  The trucks check out to a couple in Spiro.

The trucks belong to a Harry and Jessica Cooper in Spiro.  The News On 6 learned Harry Cooper, Senior and Junior from Spiro along with three other Cooper men and a Jason Williams all faced charges of felony stealing by deceit in Newton County, Missouri in connection with a driveway paving scam.

The MO was exactly the same as the one being used in Oklahoma.  The Missouri victims were out more than $100,000.  Newton County says those men had HC Paving on them, the same name that is on the trucks in the Sand Springs motel parking lot.

The News On 6 has learned the men are not currently in the motel, but are expected back next week.

Court records in Missouri show the Coopers and Williams have a court hearing on Wednesday for their 24 counts of theft in that state.

The Sand Springs Police Department and the Creek and Tulsa County Sheriff's Offices were contacted to see if there is anything they can do to protect citizens.  Anyone who feels they've been the victim of the men or their asphalt paving work should file a police report, especially if you are out any money.

Only hire people to pave or roof or paint at your house, that you research and get references for, not anyone who approaches your house.