Family Of Disinterred Man Discusses Floral Haven Odor

Wednesday, August 5th 2009, 6:35 pm
By: News On 6

By Lori Fullbright, The News On 6

BROKEN ARROW, OK -- The family of the man disinterred from a mausoleum at Floral Haven cemetery last week, is speaking out.  They say their loved one, who died in June, was not the source of the foul odor at the mausoleum.

This all started last week, when The News On 6 reported on the strong odor of a decomposing body at the mausoleum.

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Floral Haven officials said they believed the smell was coming from a body prepared by the Nick Reynolds Funeral Home.

However, Reynolds has documentation that indicates that's not true. 

The family of the deceased man says they want to right what they feel is a terrible wrong against Reynolds' business and reputation.

The family says pictures taken inside the empty crypt after the casket and body were removed prove the casket was not leaking and did not cause the smell.

They also cite two letters. One is from a former medical examiner and one is from an experienced embalmer who both say the odor was not coming from that body or casket.

The family feels it's unfair of Floral Haven to blame the Nick Reynolds Funeral Home and they want to set the record straight. The family asked The News On 6 to protect their privacy, so their identity will not be revealed.

"I am 100% certain with no reservation that my loved one was the source of no odor, zero. It's been proven and documented several times, but a lot of people aren't listening," said "Sharon," a family member.

Family members say they recently spent 45 minutes sitting by the open casket and say there was no smell of a decomposing body.

Plus, they say they went back to the mausoleum days after the body was removed and the smell was still there. They say they've met with Floral Haven management several times and have been patient but are having a hard time finding out the truth.

"If there's an odor over there and my loved one is not the source, then what is," asked "Sharon."

She says she has received no satisfactory answer to that question, but has asked Reynolds to keep her loved one's body until the mausoleum no longer smells.

But, it's already been nine days and they say it becomes more devastating emotionally, with each day that passes

"I just want him to go home. I want to put my loved one back where they belong so he can rest in peace," said "Sharon."

The News On 6 wasn't able to touch base with Floral Haven's general manager Wednesday. After the body was disinterred, Floral Haven hired a company to clean the crypt and told The News On 6 last Friday, the mausoleum was re-opened.

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At that time, they were sticking with their original statement about which body was causing the odor.

Read the letters indicating the disinterred body was not the source of the odor