Widow Of Tulsa Victim Speaks Out On Convict's Death

Tuesday, July 28th 2009, 10:31 pm
By: News On 6

By Ashli Sims, The News On 6

TULSA, OK -- A murder victim's widow speaks out now that her husband's killer is a victim of murder.  Mohammad Qureshi was killed almost seven years ago.  His killer was tried, convicted and sentenced to life.  But, prison officials believe his life was taken by his cell mate. 

The News On 6 spoke exclusively with Qureshi's widow, who says she takes no satisfaction in the news.

It was a snowy Christmas Eve in 2002 when gun shots rang out and ripped a hole in Virginia Qureshi's life.  Her husband and the father of her son was murdered in his own convenience store.  There was enough evidence to connect three people to the crime.  All of them were convicted and sentenced to life in prison. 

Four days ago, one of them, Kelvin Ford, was found murdered in his prison cell.

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"His death isn't going to change anything.  It doesn't, you know, it doesn't bring him back," said Virginia Qureshi.

Virginia says her husband, Mohammad, is always in the back of her mind.  His murder turned her life upside down, forced her to go back to work after 20 years of being a housewife.  While many might be vindicated by a killer's murder, she's saddened.

"I just don't see no.  I just don't harbor any bad feelings," said Virginia Qureshi.

Virginia Qureshi says she found her compassion, when she learned the killers are about the same age as her own son.

"My son graduated from TU and he had a chance. And, these boys made some bad choices and ended up in prison.  It's not a good thing," said Virginia Qureshi.

She hopes her husband's death and Kelvin Ford's will send a strong message to other young people.

"I just hope other kids learn from their mistake, instead of making the same mistakes that these boys have made. Because this is where it takes them, this is where they'll end up. And, there's a lot better road to travel than what these boys have taken," said Virginia Qureshi.

Kelvin Ford is the third prisoner to die from convict on convict violence at McAlester state prison in about a week.  He's the fourth this year, compared to only one last year.

A spokesperson for state corrections says they've added workers to try to quell the violence.