Tulsa's Leisure World Closes Doors

Thursday, July 23rd 2009, 5:30 pm
By: News On 6

By Emory Bryan, The News On 6

TULSA, OK -- A Tulsa pool business goes under and with the store closed, customers with money on the line are about to go off the deep end.  Leisure World closed its doors this week, leaving customers with unfulfilled orders. 

Chains wrapped the gates to the outdoor showroom and the sign on the door, near 91st and Memorial, says Leisure World is just moving for the next two weeks.  But, every other sign, an empty store and no answers for customers, says Leisure World might be gone for good.

Upset customers knocked on the door and couldn't get an answer until the police arrived.  When officers knocked, a couple of customers got in, but came out with only another promise that what they've paid for would be delivered soon.

Gina Anderson figures she's better off than most.  Leisure World did enough to get her pool going, but she says they didn't finish the job.

Other folks weren't as fortunate.

"I feel bad for them and at least we can use ours, but you pay a lot of money and you think you're going to get what you paid for and it's going to be done correctly," said Gina Anderson.

The Andersons started worrying when their pump and filter didn't arrive.  They ended up picking it up and installing it themselves.

They paid $5,500 for the pool, but the wrong liner was installed and they say Leisure World promised to fix it.

"And, they said just go ahead and use it for now and at the end of summer we'll redo it.  We'll put in the liner that fits.  We'll pay your water bill," said Gina Anderson.

Leisure World might not have gone under, but a lot of their customers think they're sunk for sure.

A Leisure World spokesperson, Jamie Wright, told The News On 6 on Thursday night that the company is not bankrupt, and will reopen in a couple of months in another location.  

She says the company is working to finish up all outstanding orders and that everyone will get what they paid for.  Many customers tell a different story and say they've put down money for work that has stopped.