A Green Pool Can Be A Good Thing

Thursday, June 25th 2009, 5:15 pm
By: News On 6

By Rick Wells, The News On 6

TULSA, OK -- Most of Oklahomans only dream of a backyard pool to dive into on a hot day.  But, if we were dreaming, there may be a swimming pool dream come true.  One that is energy efficient and environmentally safe.   It's a green pool, but in a good way.

Darren Brazeal has a spectacular backyard with an outdoor kitchen, fireplace and a beautiful pool and spa.  

Brazeal has created his perfect environment and he's done it in the most energy efficient and environmentally safe way he could.

Dennis Daniel with Vivion Pools designed the pool system.

"Instead of using chlorine in this pool, it doesn't use chlorine at all it uses purified water softener salt," said Dennis Daniel with Vivion Pools.

So, there are no chemicals sitting around and nothing to mix.

"And, the other cool thing is it monitors itself," said Dennis Daniel with Vivion Pools.

The circulation pumps are variable speed so they only run as fast as they need to, so that saves electricity.

A bottle containing Heatsaver Liquid Solar Blanket reduces evaporation and helps maintain temperature. 

The pool and the house are heated and cooled geothermally.  Water travels through pipes down and up through seven wells, and back to the house using the underground temperature of about 60 degrees to help with heating and cooling.

You can find more information about energy efficient and environmentally safe pools at Vivion Pools' website.

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