Restore Wood The Green Way With Seal Smart

Thursday, June 25th 2009, 4:48 pm
By: News On 6

By Dan Bewley, The News On 6

TULSA, OK--Restoring your deck or wood fence can be a real challenge - plus, it usually involves harsh chemicals. But a local company says there's a way to do it and help the environment.

Tom Logger has been re-sealing wood and concrete for the last eight years.

"I've done 127 cedar homes. I've done 67 log homes. I've done probably 10 miles of fence; I've probably done 3,000 decks," said Tom Logger of Seal-Smart.

His latest project is the deck surrounding a pool near 11th and Sheridan.

"Well, basically we're going to take this deck back to its virgin state," said Tom Logger of Seal -Smart." "We take everything off of and out of the wood. Then while it's still wet, we put a sealant that will go all the way to through four inches of wood that penetrates all through the wood and seals from the inside out."

Logger says his Seal-Smart system lasts for more than two decades - but the real benefit, he adds, is that it's friendly to the environment.   

You can see the foam used to clean the wood landing on plants and the grass, but Logger says it won't harm any of it.

"We use all citrus based soaps," said Logger. "It won't kill the grass, the flowers, and the vegetation - anything like that."

Logger says it's also safe for people. There's no worry of any danger.

"It has no smell to it; it has no taste to it," said Tom Logger of Seal-Smart. "It just bonds everything together and, again, keeps the environment out so this deck doesn't have to worry about rotting ever again."

It's a simple way, Logger says, to be friendly to the environment while traveling down the path to home improvement.