Tulsa Central Football More Than A One-Man Show

Monday, May 25th 2009, 9:41 pm
By: News On 6

By Kyle Dierking, NewsOn6.com

TULSA, OK -- The best college coaches are courting him as in Carroll, Meyer, Miles, Saban and Stoops. But mainly, highly-sought super-recruit Demarco Cobbs, is the football fixation for the Central Braves.

"He's a big impact player that we need on the team and on the field," said senior defensive tackle Marseice Warrior. "He's like Kobe with the Lakers, except he's Demarco with Central. He makes everybody around him good because he's so good."

Putting the expression one-man show and football in the same sentence is like committing a sports sin in such a team-centric game.  Then there's the multi-talented Cobbs, a player who takes the term athlete to the next level.

"It's just not all about Demarco," said junior offensive guard Miles LaCour. "He makes us better as a team. In a team sport, you can't just depend on one person."

No doubt about it though, Cobbs is the centerpiece of Central's success. He primarily plays quarterback, but you'll see him catching passes, running out of the pocket and playing defense. By the way, he had nearly 2,500 yards of total offense and 33 touchdowns last season.

"We're not a one-man team at all," Cobbs said. "We're coming to play, we're coming to play. I'll just say to our opponents, beware. I ain't talking trash, but beware. We're coming to play."

The Braves increased their win total from just two in 2007 to six last season. Credit Cobbs and third-year coach Corey Russell, but it's a team effort that will take this team to the next level.

"The thing that we had to try to get across to them in the off-season was playing as a team and being a great team," Russell said. "Not just a group of talented kids. We want to be a great team."

The college coaches that have been captivated by Cobbs have also seen Central's talent pool.

 "I'm basically opening up doors for other teammates," Cobbs said. "They're giving them a good shot to show them what they're about."

"We have a lot of kids that not a lot of people know about that have a tremendous amount of talent," Russell said. "With those college coaches coming out here, it gives them a chance to see them now. The publicity that Demarco's been getting has provided some positive publicity for everybody else as well."

For now, the focus is team football and taking the next step with Tulsa Central.  

"We feel that we have a lot of unfinished business from last year," Russell said. "We think this year is going to be our year to really do some good things."


Kyle Dierking: I'm sure it's been different for you this year more so than it has in previous seasons because the team has such high expectations. Not only that, but with all the attention you've been getting from colleges.

Demarco Cobbs: Being highly recruited and everything, coaches come here and they not only see me but the other players too.

KD: The average high school football fan knows about you and knows about your talent, but you guys also have a lot of skill position players and some guys up front who can play pretty well.

DC: We didn't' lose a lot last year. We were 6-4 and it was our first winning season since 1996 or 1997. We're coming back and I'll tell the people out there and our opponents that I expect us to make a run for the state title this year.

KD: What's the number one thing you want to accomplish this spring as a player?

DC: Just being an all-around player to my teammates. Making them better - that's what I want to accomplish.

KD: I take it the phone is still ringing off the hook.

DC: In the beginning it was different because I was new to the game. I'm enjoying the recruiting process and just soaking it all in and listening to what the schools have to say. I'm evaluating the schools like the schools are evaluating me. I'm just hearing everybody out. It's been an exciting ride.

KD: You recently picked up an offer from USC. How much of a prestigious honor was that?

DC: USC's one of those schools that competes for National Championship's every year and sends guys to the next level whether you start or are on the bench. They recruit some of the top players every year, so if I were to decide to go to school there, I'd have to go in and be ready to compete. It's a big honor getting an offer from USC and all the other schools that have offered me.

KD: When did you realize you had "arrived" in terms of being a top football prospect?

DC: It happened so fast. I expected to be recruited by in-state schools, but I didn't expect everybody to be coming after me. It just donned on me one day that I have this God-given ability, I might as well work hard at it because I don't want it taken away from me either.  One day it just clicked and I started getting after it with my school work and with football period.

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