Roofers Help With Bartlesville Repairs

Thursday, May 14th 2009, 5:08 pm
By: News On 6

By Terry Hood and Dan Bewley, The News On 6

BARTLESVILLE, OK -- The storms Wednesday left behind damage in our part of the state.         

Bartlesville got hit pretty hard by strong winds that pulled up several trees at the Hillcrest Country Club.

Workers were already out Thursday with chainsaws trying to clear some of the damage.

Other parts of the city were hit as well.

Close to 30 people were staying at the Lighthouse Outreach Center in Bartlesville when the storm came through. They are cleaning up with the helping hand of a stranger.

Jeremy Conn with C&C Roofing is on a mission. His team is busy repairing the roof of Bartlesville's Lighthouse Outreach Center, a shelter for the city's homeless.

"They didn't ask for this," Conn said. "We're in the business to help in crisis, but my theory to my company is we do three main things. We repair homes, we restore hope and we change lives."

The roof was torn to shreds during Wednesday night's storm. Six rooms were damaged, tiles were tossed to the floor and water can still be seen dripping through the ceiling.

Employee Kathryn McGaugh says the entire building shook when the storm rolled through.

"We went upstairs immediately, and it was just flooding," she said. "The hall, everything was just getting completely wet."

"It's sad, but at the same time when there's this, God always gives us blessings, and there's a reason for this," said Naomi Hill, Lighthouse director.

Hill says Conn is to thank for the blessing. When he learned of the storm damage, he decided to offer his service free of charge, his way, he says, of doing the right thing.

"It's more of a purpose than a feeling," Conn said. "Feelings go away. Purpose is a character. This is what I do, this is why I got into this business, is to really help people."

Conn says his team is not replacing the roof but just putting a seal on it to prevent more water damage.

The shelter will remain open, and the Salvation Army has volunteered to help the displaced residents until the repairs are finished.