Investigation Ongoing Into Tulsa's Latest Murder

Tuesday, May 12th 2009, 7:43 am
By: News On 6

By Chris Wright, The News On 6

TULSA, OK -- A high school senior is dead and a baby is hospitalized after being shot in the back.  Tulsa Police say a gunman lured 18-year-old Jason Trent to the front door his north Tulsa house and then opened fire.

A 9-month-old boy was hit by a stray bullet.  He is expected to survive.  Jason Trent who was set to graduate next week did not.

Tulsa Police say when they responded to a report of shots fired on North Garrison Place, they found a hectic scene.

"When we first got here, a lot of people were upset, and there was a lot of panic going on," said Tulsa Police Sgt. John McDowell.

TPD says at least 20 people took off running in all different directions.  When things calmed down, authorities discovered that 18-year-old Jason Trent had been shot several times in the head and body.

Witnesses say someone told Trent to come to the door, and then shot him.

Police say 9 month-old Clinton Kellum, who was sleeping inside the house, was also shot in the back.  

Investigators say getting information has been tough, and they need more people to come forward.

"Bottom line is, a 9 month-old baby got shot, and people need to care.  If they don't care about that, what are they going to care about?" said Tulsa Police Sgt. Mike Huff.

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Police are looking for three suspects who may be connected to the case. 

Ray Owens is the pastor at nearby Metropolitan Baptist Church.

"This hurts. This hurts every time this happens," said Metropolitan Baptist Pastor Ray Owens.

He says the shooting is particularly upsetting because the neighborhood is making progress.  After four teens were shot in their car last fall, Owens and other pastors began a mentoring program, aimed at keeping teens out of trouble.  More than 80 mentors have enrolled, but Owens says losing another teenager to violence is discouraging.      

"So every time this happens, it seems like it takes us back two steps, when we've made one step forward," said Pastor Ray Owens.

Police say there were at least five people inside the home at the time of the shooting, but many of them also took off when authorities arrived.

Anyone with information about the shooting can call Crime Stoppers at 596-COPS.