Tulsa Police Looking For Homicide Suspect

Tuesday, April 28th 2009, 10:54 am
By: News On 6

By Jeffrey Smith, The News On 6

TULSA, OK -- One man is dead after gunfire erupts next to a west Tulsa elementary school.  It happened around nine o'clock Tuesday morning at the Brightwaters Apartments.  Tulsa Police say 20-year-old Colby Harris was shot once with a revolver.  They are now searching for 18-year-old George Ballard.

Police say witnesses have not been cooperative with providing details about the suspects, as officers try to piece together Tulsa's latest homicide.

Eugene Field Elementary School just tried to make it through the school day.

 "I got family that lives out here, and there's little kids here. I'm very scared for the people," said Jessica Hoover who lives at Brightwaters.

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Police say a large and confrontational crowd was waiting for them when they arrived.

"Emotions were running high when we first got here," said Tulsa Police Captain Dave Roberts.

Officers called for back-up and dozens of cop cars surrounded the complex.  Some men were even put in handcuffs and detained for obstructing the police.

"The crowd was pretty emotional when we got here, they were upset at the response time, even though it was pretty quick to them it wasn't quick enough. And, they were pretty upset," said Tulsa Police Captain Dave Roberts.

Cops say witnesses refused to provide details about the shooting or give a description of the suspects.  Hours into the investigation, police said they hadn't found a strong witness in the crowd of 30-plus onlookers.

"People don't really care. They, obviously there's shootings here. Fighting all the time over stupid stuff. People just don't really care over here," said resident Jessica Hoover.

Residents like Jessica Hoover say there's violence almost every day and she's fearful for her safety.

"Parents want to hear that their children are safe. And, they're absolutely safe," said Eugene Field Principal Cindi Hemm.

Across the street from the crime scene, students at Eugene Field Elementary school were playing outside when the gunshots rang out.  The principal says they immediately went into a perimeter lock down.

"That means all the activity is inside, but we continue to go. We continue to have lunch, and PE, and art class. And, that's very calming to the children," said Eugene Field Principal Cindi Hemm.

The lock down lasted for two hours and Hemm says no child was ever in danger.

Police do not yet know if the victim, Colby Harris, was a resident or a visitor to the Brightwaters Apartments.