DTV Deadline Is Today For KOTV/KQCW Viewers

Monday, February 16th 2009, 10:27 am
By: News On 6

By Emory Bryan, The News On 6

TULSA, OK -- If you're not DTV ready, there's not much time left.  KOTV ends programming on the analog Channel 6 today at 1 p.m.  Cable and satellite customers won't notice the transition, but over-the-air viewers will.

Rev. Ralph Levvorn is making the digital transition to full HDTV.

"Just more lifelike, clearer pictures," said Rev. Ralph Levvorn of Owasso.

He's buying a new television to see the better quality that's only available with digital broadcasting.

"It's been a fantastic change," said Rev. Ralph Levvorn.

Video Revolution is seeing a lot of people ready to switch and helping advise many of them about the need for an antenna.

"There is no sure fire game when it comes to antennas, just know that you need one, and it might take a couple of tries to get the right one so be patient," said Josh Onley with Video Revolution.

Video Revolution directs people to, where a zip code typed in will display a partial list of digital stations, the size antenna needed and direction to aim it.

The major network stations broadcast from Oneta and to pick them up from Tulsa zip code, a medium sized antenna is recommended, aimed at 111 degrees, that's southeast.

Muskogee viewers can use a smaller antenna, aimed at 313 degrees, that's Northwest.

Viewers in Vinita need the largest antenna, aimed at 211 degrees, that's Southwest.

There is an advantage to using an antenna with digital television; it's the only way to get the full, uncompressed signal that's not available on cable or satellite.

"When you're picking it up off the air, it's going to look fantastic, better than it would any other way," said Josh Onley with Video Revolution.

Rev. Levvorn remembers the days before TV and the switch from black and white to color, and now at 70 years old, he's ready to see what digital TV has to offer.

KQCW [CW 12/19] will make the transition at 1 p.m. Analog TVs that are not connected to cable, satellite, or another pay TV service will no longer receive a signal.

To learn whether your television requires a digital converter box, and how to make the switch to DTV, visit: or call 1-888-DTV-2009 (1-888-388-2009).

Or check out's special DTV page.