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Sunday, February 8th 2009, 5:34 pm
By: News On 6

By Kyle Dierking,

TULSA, OK -- There's a look in his eyes. Is it happiness or grief? Maybe it's strength and courage. Perhaps it's a vision beating in his heart, a message inked on his arm.

"You've got to keep driving to get back up and keep pounding away by doing the right things," said Tulsa Central junior DeMarco Cobbs.

Two tattoos tell the story of DeMarco Cobbs' life. Stats sum up his football career. More than 1,000 yards rushing and passing, 33 total touchdowns. And seemingly every college football power is pining for his soft hands and 6-foot-2 frame.

"Getting offers from Florida, Alabama and LSU, just different places like that. For them to recruit me way up here and I'm an Oklahoma boy," Cobbs said. "It means a lot to me. It makes me feel wanted."

Colleges are offering Cobbs the life he's always strived for but never had. His mother is in the middle of serving an 18-year prison sentence.

"I know there are a lot of kids out there who have it a lot worse than me," Cobbs said. "I don't really have it bad but being without your mom, there's nothing like your mom. It inspires me to work even harder."

And there sits her name bound to his bicep: Wendy Cobbs, crafted in cursive.

"I just wanted to get this to show her even though she hasn't been in my life I still love her," Cobbs said. "I forgive her for not being there for me, but I still love her and I wanted to show her that."

Cobbs' mother is up for parole in November. He's hoping she can see him play for the first time in what will be one of his last high school football games.

"Having her be there it would mean a lot," Cobbs said. "I might just have the best game of my life. She inspires me to work hard. Everything happens for a reason. I'm kind of glad it worked the way it went."

And always with him, a reminder tattooed on his arm and in his mind: If I don't live every day for my dreams then my reality is nothing.

DeMarco Cobbs File

2008 Stats*
Rushing: 1,152 yards, 20 TD's
Passing: 1,031 yards, 10 TD's
Receiving: 6 catches, 213 yards, 2 TD's
Kick-Off Return: 1 TD
Defense: 2 INT

Notable Offers: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tulsa, Tennessee, Texas Tech

Recruiting Services Say: rate Cobbs as a 4-star prospect and the fifth-best receiver in the 2010 recruiting class. named him 2010's Mr. Oklahoma. Past recipients include current Oklahoma Sooners Jameel Owens, Austin Box and Jermaine Gresham. Former Booker T. Washington stand-out and current New Orleans Saints wide receiver Robert Meachem won the award in 2003.

* According to

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