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Thursday, February 5th 2009, 3:54 pm
By: News On 6

Jonathan Conneely, 2/20/09:

Coach's Corner: A Word From Tom's Coach

How bad do you really want to lose those extra pounds?
Today I want to give you one word that will help you lose those extra pounds for ever...


Start moving again!

So many Americans live such sedentary lives, if you really want to lose some fat than you have got to start moving.

Do some Jumping jacks when you get a free few minutes!
Walk the stairs at work on your lunch break!
Park a few spots further at the grocery store!

You don't need a fancy gym or any fancy equipment.
There are a lot of fun activities that will get your heart pumping...you just need to get a little creative.  It's time to think outside the gym! You can go on a bike ride using some hills to make it a little more interesting; try playing frisbee, or maybe taking a family hike. Why not go roller blading or even try some sand volleyball.
It is all about just getting moving again!

Like you can see in Big Tom's video, today we utilized a shopping center that has a lot of stairs...believe me it works! That is What Bootcamp Tulsa is all about.  Oh yeah if you don't believe me ask Big Tom!

The message is - Get off the couch and start moving!"

Coach JC


Tom Basler, 2/17/09:

"I just got done with my workout with Bootcamp Tulsa and I feel pretty good today.  I'm not as stiff and sore as I have been.  Nutrition is going good.  All around I'm just feeling good.  I'm starting to feel weight falling off of me, my pants are getting too big, my sweats are starting to fall off and people are saying they are visibly seeing a difference in my face and neck.  It's just good being healthy.  I'm really starting to see major results in how I feel and how I look.  It's really exciting when clothes are fitting differently.  What really is great is that I don't feel like I'm on a diet.  Last weekend on my 'cheat' day I had two cookies, and I didn't even care if I had them or not, I just felt that I earned them from all of my hard work.  I'm doing something that I'm comfortable with and I can see myself living like this forever.  It's the first time in my life that I feel like this is the way things are supposed to be."


Dr. Shannon Schaffner, 2/13/09:

From the doctor:  The Power that made the body...heals the body

That's right, it really is that simple!  There is this special something in all living things that keep it alive.  It's in the grass, the trees; it's in you and me.  I believe God put it there and it's called Innate Intelligence.  Innate means "born with".  Some people call it the electricity or the power of the body.  I call it "life" and what a gift it is!  Do you know what's causing your heart to beat right now?  That's the Innate Intelligence of your body.  It's that vital force within the body...it's that God-given wisdom of the body that knows exactly what it is doing at all times; As long as nothing interferes with that wisdom!

From the moment a sperm and an egg come together...life begins.  Cells divide and divide and now here we are!  To me that is one of the most amazing mysteries!  How does that all work?  Well I will tell you how it works.

The first organ to form is the brain and spinal cord...the Central Nervous System.  It is central to everything else in the body (the Master Control Panel). From it everything else is created.  It is the lifeline to the entire body!  Wow!  You see, all life flows from above, down, inside and out...and this is exactly how it works!

Anything that interferes with that flow of life from above, down, inside, and out (ADIO) will cause less than optimal life; therefore, less than optimal health.

Vertebral Subluxation (spinal misalignment) will interfere with life flowing from ADIO!  That's why I get to witness miracles everyday in my chiropractic office.  Why?  Because when subluxations are reduced or removed in the spine, the nervous system functions the way it was designed to function and the body does the same.  Things like fatigue, sinus issues, allergies, reflux, constipation, menstrual problems (to name a few)...they just seem to magically get better.  Why?  It's because the body was designed to be self-healing.  How do we know this?

Have you ever cut your finger?  How does it heal and who heals it?  The body, of course!  That's the Innate Intelligence I was talking about.  Let me give you an example:  If you cut the finger of a dead person and you cut your finger...then you put antibiotics on your finger and the dead person's finger, which finger heals?  Yours, of course!  Why is that?

Because life is essential for healing...it happens no other way!  It happens from ADIO! 

Another major interference that most people suffer from is the interference of "stinking thinking" (as I have heard Zig Ziglar define it...I love that guy!).  If your mind is not full of life...neither will you be.  I like to call it "S.I.C.K. Thinking"!  Remember: your mind feeds your body.  Are you feeding it sickness?  Are you feeding it "junk food for thought"? 

Health comes from the inside, out...so does life!  What we feed our minds and what our minds feed our bodies is almost more important than what we feed our mouths.  It's not necessarily what you are eating, but what is eating you! 

Stay tuned...we are just getting started with this conversation.  I am going to show you that you CAN think WELL, you CAN lose weight, you CAN be your BEST, and you CAN experience health...for life! 

Once again, I have to agree.  Not only because of the scientific education I have received, but because of what I see each week in my life, as well as in the lives of my patients!

I want to talk to you about a mindset that is killing America and could be killing you!  It's the mindset of "less than".  We live in a country that tells us to "super-size" everything.  As a result we are bigger than we have ever been...but we are far from SUPER!

We are driven by thoughts of lack, fear, insecurity and greed...just to name a few.  If we are always thinking about what we don't have, instead of what we do... this is LACK.  And it is far from the abundance-thinking that I believe leads to Optimal Health and an Optimal Life!  Thoughts of lack lead to sickness and suffering...period!

So many people think that they cannot lose weight, so they eat MORE.  So many people think less of themselves, so they hunger and thirst for MORE!  So many Americans think they are sick, so they take MORE drugs! (Symptoms don't necessarily equate to sickness, no more than the lack of symptoms equates to health...more on this to come...)  If drugs created health, than why are Americans sicker than they have ever been, yet we as a nation consume more drugs than ever before!?

If only we could trust the wisdom within our bodies and realize that it works based on Universal Principles, not unlike gravity!  Let me explain.  No matter who you are, if you jump out of a window of a 10-story building, you are going to fall.  No matter who you are, every time you put something in your mouth it has an effect (or a side-effect), whether you like it or not. If you put life-giving food in, you get more life...more health!  If you put garbage in your body, you are going to feel like garbage...and eventually your health is going to stink...and you will eventually fall!  But it doesn't have to be that way!

But...(I love that little word)...if (I love that little word even more), you apply the principles that I shared with you last time of Above, Down, Inside and Out, you will an abundant life!  The human body is extremely abundant!  Every day your body is marvelously producing new cells.  Did you know that the skin that you are wearing right now is not the same skin you were wearing last week?  You are regenerating every day!  Isn't that amazing?  As long as you are regenerating faster than you are degenerating, you will be healthy.  It is time for all of us to focus on what our bodies are building and what we can do to join the building team, not the demolition one.  As far as I see it, if we are not part of the solution, than we are part of the problem!! 

Another Universal Principle that makes all the difference is this simple equation: 

Calories Out > Calories In = Thin.  O.K., maybe this isn't quite a Universal Principle...I just made it up.  So let's just call it a "Dr. Shannon Principle".  People come to me all the time saying that they can't lose weight.  You may have said this yourself.  Well I have great news for you...YES, YOU CAN! 

All we need to do is find out what's interfering with your body working the way it was designed to work and YOU WILL LOSE WEIGHT!  Sometimes the interference is quite simply, your mindset and you thinking and saying that you "can't lose weight"!  To this I will say, YES YOU CAN!  I have yet to work with anyone with our "health4life program" who didn't lose weight!

A lot of times, the only weight you need to lose is...your WAIT!  Now is the time...today is your day!  Wait no longer...what you do today will affect your "who" and what you do (or can't do) tomorrow!


Dr. Shannon Schaffner:

From the doctor:  The Power of One...and One

Anyone who knows me knows that my favorite number is 11.  For so many fabulous reasons...too many to mention here, but nonetheless, the number is very profound to me.  My hope is that it will be empowering to you as well.

What I like most about the number eleven is that it is twice the number 1...Who wouldn't like #1 times 2?  Twice the fun, twice the victory, twice the strength, twice the celebration!

What I also like is that 1 and 1 speaks volumes because it is exponential.  You see, 1 and 1 is not 2, but it's 11!

There is infinite power when two come together...especially in agreement.  One can set one thousand to flight, but two can set ten thousand to flight (or should we say, eleven thousand to flight)!  Imagine what would happen if a bird tried to fly south (which it is innately designed to do), but tried to do it alone?  Not only would it be painful, but I believe it would be impossible!  And that's not a word I like to use!

So often we go through life trying to do it on our own, trying to make our way.  When all along, there are people (other Ones) who are there to help us!  I call them Divine Connections.  Why?  Because there is nothing more divine than a true connection!

We were never meant to do it alone!  We are programmed to believe that we need to look out for number one.  But what if you go through life and have 100% of very little, when you could have had 50% of a whole lot!?  Well I've got news for you, when you share what you have...what you have multiplies...exponentially! Eventually you end up with 100% of 100! Everyone WINS! It really is that simple! 

It's not even about giving and taking, but it's about sharing and receiving.  When we begin to focus on what we can share, instead of what we can receive...what we have to share GROWS!  When we begin to focus on what we have, instead of what we have not...what we have GROWS...and more importantly, who we are expands exponentially!

Accountability, someone to share ourselves with, is absolutely vital to our success...and more importantly, whether or not we will make the journey!  A goal that is written is so much more likely to be realized, but a goal written and shared is achieved and multiplied...by 11!  I don't know about you, but I want to be a goal-achiever, not just a goal-setter! 

You being your best is not just about you!  It's about everyone else on this planet being better because they are sharing this ride with you!  If you do not share the greatness that is on the inside of you, than someone else is not going to be able to receive it...and therefore, they too will have less to share.  What I'm saying is that we all need each other...to be our best! 

The problem is that most people think they need to be more, to give more...so they don't give. Then worse yet, they do not share what's inside of them.  When the truth is, unless you share what you've got, you won't have more to share!  Am I making any sense to you?  It's not an "if...then", but an "i...when" experience!  You will be all that you will be, when you realize that you already are, and you celebrate what and who you are!!  Do yourself a favor, read that again please...slowly.

Someone once told me, "Eating well and exercise are not a guarantee for great health; they are merely an expression of the great health that is already within you"...

Are you expressing that greatness?  Are you sharing your Oneness (your uniqueness) with other Ones?  Are you waiting for your partner to give 50% before you give your 50%?  Well, I've got news for you...two halves don't make a whole.  One and One wholes do!  How about giving your 100% so that no matter what anyone else gives in your life, your experience is 100% full...and full-filling?  How about celebrating you and your life...and those in it...because what we celebrate GROWS! One and One really can equal 11!

You see, I do not want a cup that is half empty or half full...nor do I want that for you!  I want a cup that is FULL...and when we drink of and share from that cup...our cup runneth over!  That is true Power...the Power of 11!


Tom Basler, 2/10/09:

"Hey it's Tom.  It's February 9th, I just wanted to give you a heads up.  I went to the wound clinic today and the wounds on my shins are healing dramatically well.  The doctor has seen more progress recently, these things have been on my shins since last April.  I've been under the care of the wound specialist since November and she's seen a more dramatic turn in healing in the last month than she has in the previous three months.  So I attribute that, and so does she, to the improved circulation through exercise with Bootcamp Tulsa."

Tom Basler, 2/6/09:

"My workout with Coach JC today...well, he kicked my butt!  He must be mad at me because the Steelers won the Super Bowl.

I just got out of the shower and my day can begin now. I already had breakfast and snack an am getting ready to have lunch which for me today will be some turkey slices, Swiss cheese and an apple or a banana.

Feeling pretty good, it's a beautiful day and gonna jump on my motorcycle and go record interviews with OETA, educational TV, in about an hour. When I was working out recently my knee was bothering me and was also bothering me when I was out walking, so I went back to the house so that I could  focus on some low impact exercises. 

I combined a few different exercises like knee raises and push ups against the wall and really just tried to keep moving the whole time.  I was still able to get a great workout in! 

Just an observation I made over the last couple of weeks, I don't have acid indigestion or heart burn anymore and I just realized  today that I  haven't had to take Tums or Rolaids in weeks now.  Something else I noticed is I'm just not getting hungry like I used to.  With all of the small frequent meals I'm eating, I just don't get hungry as often. The funny thing is that sometimes I  have to remind myself to eat."


Coach's Corner: A Word From Tom's Coach

In America we have completely skewed ideas about portion sizes. Go to another country and order a meal, tell me if they offer portions as enormous as the ones here. Honestly, what are we thinking?

As humans we have been conditioned to believe that more equals better. Super size this, up size that. Just look at the endless marketing of fast food; we're constantly encouraged to eat more in order to take advantage of a bargain. Next time think about it.  You saved a quarter to eat an extra 50 french fries. Think about it.  That's a quarter you wouldn't have spent in the first place if you didn't upsize. So you saved a quarter while not getting all those extra calories from food that is detrimental to your health.

Watch The Video Of Tom Reporting To Bootcamp

As Americans we are paying for this marketing scheme with our health and our lives.  Be smart when making portion size decisions.
Here are a few techniques you can use to keep your portions under control:

  • If you're at home, use smaller plates. This creates the illusion of eating a bigger serving.
  • If you're at a restaurant and you know the portions are going to be huge, ask the server to put half your meal in a  doggie bag before it even hits the table. This saves you money as well as unnecessary calorie overload.
  • Share an entrée with your friend or family member.
  • Make a new rule for yourself: Always leave something on your plate.

This reminds you that you are in control of the food, not the other way around.

A little bit of will-power can go a long way!

Coach JC


From the doctor:  The Power of Decision 

No matter where you are right now in your journey of life, you got there by the decisions you have made.  That's right!  You are where you are because your mind went there first.  The good news is that if you don't like where you are...simply make another decision and the process of a brighter tomorrow begins! 

Frank Outlaw says something like this, "Watch your thoughts, they become your words.  Watch your words, they become your actions.  Watch your actions, they become your habits.  Watch your habits, they become your character.  Watch your character, it becomes your destiny!"  To this I would add, WATCH your life transform the moment you make a decision! 

The word, decide comes from the Latin word, "decidere", which means "to cut off".  Once you make a decision, you cut off any other option (except of course, another decision).  Failure is not an option, once you decide that you are a success and you begin to act as if.  That's right, success begins when you decide that today is the day...today is your day...for a decision that will transform your life forever! 

Someone once told me that the difference between those who are successful and those who are not is this:  Successful people make more decisions! 

It all starts with one decision...today!  Choose your best health...for life, starting today!

Dr. Shannon Schaffner