Is Your Store Keeping Track With Peanut Recall?

Tuesday, February 3rd 2009, 6:03 pm
By: News On 6

By Dan Bewley and Terry Hood, The News On 6

TULSA, OK -- Nearly 900 products are now being recalled since inspectors found salmonella in a Georgia peanut processing plant.  With such a big list, how do you know if your favorite store is keeping track?

Keeping track of the recall has become a full-time job for Tulsa grocers, but they say they've got it covered and want customers to know they shouldn't worry.

See the list of products included in the recall

"These are three that we just had come off," said Anthony Fulfaro with Reasor's at 41st and Yale.  "These are some of the products she just pulled right before you walked in the door."

Products are being taken from the ice cream coolers.  There are boxes full of health bars.  The effort to pull peanut products off the shelves at Reasor's Grocery Store has been non-stop.

"We're getting updates on an hourly basis, almost," said Reasor's Anthony Fulfaro.

The store manager says the store gets notified by e-mail every time a new product is added to the list.  On Tuesday, he had five e-mails before noon.

"This is the fastest form instead of doing a chain call or something like that.  E-mail technology is so much faster," said Reasor's Anthony Fulfaro.

The recall comes after inspectors found roaches, mold, and internal records of more than a dozen positive tests for salmonella at a plant with the Peanut Corporation of America in Georgia.  The plant processes peanuts to produce peanut paste then ships the finished product to food companies across the country     

The outbreak, so far, has resulted in hundreds of people getting sick and as many as eight deaths.

The list of recalled products includes ingredients for brownies, cakes, crackers and more.

Wal-Mart also uses an e-mail system to keep up with the list and if a product makes it to the register there's an electronic block preventing it from being rung up.

Grocers say keeping track of the recall takes most of their time, but add the trouble to clear the shelves is worth it if means protecting consumers.

If you find that you purchased a recalled item you can return it to the store you bought it from for a full refund.