Bomb Squad Called To OKC Federal Building

Wednesday, January 21st 2009, 2:45 pm
By: News On 6 for

OKLAHOMA CITY -- A bomb squad was called to the federal building in downtown Oklahoma City.

Police say a man walked into the building at about 12:35 Wednesday afternoon and refused to go through security. He then ran out of the building and left a backpack with a threatening note on it, said Oklahoma City Police Lt. Greg McCalister.

A bomb squad checked the backpack, the suspect's car and the building for a bomb, McCalister said. The building was evacuated.

Master Sgt. Gary Knight said there is no evidence an explosive device has been found.

Police have detained the man for questioning. His name was not immediately released.

The building opened in 2003 and replaced the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building which was destroyed in the 1995 bombing. The building is located northwest of the Oklahoma City National Memorial.