More Oklahomans Are Out Of Work

Friday, January 9th 2009, 9:29 pm
By: News On 6

By Jennifer Loren, The News On 6

TULSA, OK -- Oklahoma's unemployment numbers are up.  As more Tulsa-area businesses cut back many people in Green Country are faced with the harsh reality of being laid-off.  If you find yourself in that situation there are people who can help and, as you can imagine, their business is booming.

Travis Jones owns Career Development Partners which is a Tulsa company that helps laid-off workers find a fresh start.

"We've been extremely busy," said Travis Jones.

Jones' company works mostly with employers who want to help their laid-off employees after they get their pink slips.  He says he's seen a 50% to 70% increase in clients over the last 90 days.

"In Oklahoma it's not nearly as bad as some other places. I anticipate that it will probably continue to have some downside," said Travis Jones with Care Development Partners.

Oklahoma's unemployment rate is up at 4.5% in November of 2008. That's up from 4.1% in November of 2007.

In Tulsa, most of the job losses have been professional and business type jobs. Tulsans lost 2,400 of those jobs between November of 2007 and November of 2008, turning in a 6.8% loss.

Many of those laid-off have been calling upon places like The Resume Source for help.  They're looking for a fresh start, beginning with their resume.

"I try to just look at it, would I want to read this resume. I don't care if I've written it or someone else has. I have to want to pick it up and read it for it to be a good resume," said Vicki Hidde with The Resume Source.

And, she says your resume, many times, is your only representation to potential employers, so it needs to be brilliant.    

"But I've seen a time that people have been able to move from average candidate to excellent candidate just by changing their resume," said Vicki Hidde with The Resume Source.

But, one thing Travis Jones tells people is that losing a job can actually be a good thing.

"Those are opportunities for people to re-examine what they really want to do in life," said Travis Jones with Care Development Partners.

The Resume Source charges anywhere from $35 for a basic resume to hundreds of dollars for a complete presentation.