Tulsa Oilers Forward A Hip-Hop Hockey Player

Wednesday, January 7th 2009, 3:26 pm
By: News On 6

By Kyle Dierking, NewsOn6.com

TULSA, OK - He hits the ice with a rhythm, a reason and a rap. Tulsa Oilers hockey player Brett McConnachie is a hip hop artist.

"I'm talking about my life and different stories - women, club scenes and that whole thing," McConnachie said.

McConnachie's a Canadian trying to take the states by storm with his puck-playing and music making.

"It's tough to get recognized up there because there are not too many Canadian rappers," McConnachie said. "It's not the biggest market, but there are a lot of guys up there doing their thing, grinding and trying to hustle their music for sure."

The hip-hop hockey player combined his two passions to form a nickname. While attending college in Alabama, McConnachie was fittingly dubbed, "Penalty Box." Soon, that name was alter-ego'd.

"Everyone down there had the southern drawls and the accent," McConnachie said. "I walk into a club and everyone would be like, ‘what up bowx.' It wouldn't be like, ‘what up box,' so I cut the ‘P' like Diddy and now I've got the bowx."

Bowx has big dreams. He's sold nearly 80,000 albums and has a budding hockey career. But if he had to pick one, it'd be a battle.

"If Sony-BMG came knocking at the door and said, ‘here's a $2 million record deal and they told me it was (rapping) or hockey, I'd have to sit down and have a serious thought process," McConnachie said. "It's tough to say, but right now I'm living the dream playing professional hockey."