Neighbors In Shock Over Catoosa Triple Shooting

Friday, December 26th 2008, 5:08 pm
By: News On 6

By Jeffrey Smith, The News On 6

CATOOSA, OK -- Investigators say a Christmas Eve triple-shooting in Catoosa involved a forced entry, a high-speed car chase, and murder.  The Wagoner County Sheriff's Office says Richard Davis shot and killed his ex-wife and her new boyfriend before turning the gun on himself.

Neighbors say they're still in shock at what they saw just hours before Christmas.  Jackie House says he keeps playing the shootings over and over in his mind.

"I think he would have bled to death if we hadn't helped him.  He was covered in blood," said Jackie House.

Investigators say on Christmas Eve, 32-year-old Richard Davis kicked in the door of his ex-wife, Malissa Mears.  Mears was spending the holiday with her boyfriend, an Army soldier named David Cascante.

Cascante is based in Georgia, but was in town visiting.

Investigators say the ex-husband opened fire, shooting Cascante once in the face.  But, the solider got into his car with Melissa, and drove off.  Sheriff's deputies say Richard Davis was in hot-pursuit.

House says he saw the cars racing down the road and watched as Davis' car caused a crash.

"I'm dialing 911, and before the phone could even actually ring, that's when I heard the gunshots," said Jackie House.  "It was like five or six, rapid, like it was a semi-automatic weapon or something."

Moments later, House saw Cascante running down the street, bleeding from the face.

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Wagoner County Sheriff's Deputies say the girlfriend tried to run away, too. She didn't make it.  They say Richard Davis shot and killed Malissa Mear before turning the gun on himself.

"That's the first time I've ever seen something like that. It's like something out of a movie," said Jackie House.

Neighbors say they couldn't shake the images even on Christmas.

"I haven't quit thinking about it.  Cause, you know, someone got killed a couple hundred feet from here," said Jackie House.

Instead of celebrating Christmas by unwrapping presents, two families are spending the holiday weekend planning funerals.

David Cascante had to be airlifted to a Tulsa hospital.  He is reportedly in good condition and has been talking with investigators.

One neighbor who visited Cascante in the hospital tells The News On 6 that he is overcome with grief over the death of his girlfriend.