Police Find Missing Tulsa Boy

Tuesday, December 16th 2008, 1:38 pm
By: News On 6

By Chris Wright, News On 6

TULSA, OK -- A Tulsa toddler was found unharmed after police say he went missing for nearly two days.

Police say 3-year-old Joe Kelley disappeared Sunday night after a fight between his mother and step-father.

When police began their search Tuesday, they worried they might not find Joe Kelley alive, but he is fine, and back with his mother.

TPD was not sure what to expect when it began searching for Joe Kelley Tuesday. The 3-year-old was reported missing a day earlier.

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"We just don't know at this point. Of course, the last few nights have been real frigid. Was the child left alone outside somewhere?" said TPD Officer Leland Ashley.

Sunday night, police say the boy's mother and stepfather, Michael Brummett, were involved in a domestic dispute while driving near 18th and Sheridan.

They say Brummett hit and bit Kelly's mother. She then fled the car, and sought refuge in a stranger's house on Lakewood.

According to a police report, Brummett demanded to be let in. When he wasn't, he fired his gun into the home.

Police say he took off with his stepson and shortly afterwards crashed his car on I-244.

"Witnesses prior to the wreck said the boy had been in the vehicle with him.  So when he had the wreck, we're concerned the child may have gotten out of the vehicle and wandered off," said TPD Sgt. Whitney Allen.

Fearing the worst, TPD searched the area near the crash site Tuesday afternoon. But a little while later, a family friend showed up with the boy.

She says Brummett left Joe with her Sunday night.

"She's done it in the past.  She used to live across the street from the mother, stepfather and the grandmother.  So it was nothing different for her to watch the child," said Officer Ashley.

Police say it was all an odd series of events, but at least there was a happy ending.

The woman who returned the toddler says his step-father was intoxicated when he dropped the boy off.

Brummett was arrested Monday. He is facing domestic abuse, as well as assault with a deadly weapon charges.