Prescription For Savings

Saturday, November 15th 2008, 8:41 pm
By: News On 6

By Dan Bewley, The News On 6

TULSA, OK -- Millions of Americans can now begin signing up for Medicare Part D, that's Medicare's prescription drug program. But choosing the right plan can be a prescription for savings.

There are 46 days until the end of the year, a critical time for anyone using Medicare Part D. They have until then to check their plan and make sure it's covering what they need.

Medicare Part D began in 2006.

Twenty-five million people across the country now use the prescription drug program.

Beginning this weekend those using Medicare Part D have seven weeks to take a second look at their particular plan.

"Most people who are in that coverage don't realize that things can change at the beginning of every year," said Bill Major.

Major is with LIFE Senior Services. He says changes within a coverage plan change each year.

"Any plan that's existing today the premiums could change, the co-pays could change, or the formularies, what drugs that you're currently covered. Many times people are on prescription medication that has changed over the years, so you may have a different prescription medication," Bill Major with LIFE Senior Services said.

Part D covers brand-name and generic medication and is mostly used by seniors or the disabled. Analysts expect the main differences in 2009 will deal with the amount paid for premiums and co-pays.

But come January 1st it's too late to change plans, which is why Major is putting the word out, hoping Part D users take advantage of the next month and a-half to give their plans the once-over.

"Co-pays, formularies, premium costs all change in 2009. So it's incumbent upon everyone to look at their plan and check to see that the plan that works for them this year is the one that's going to work for them in 2009," said Bill Major with LIFE Senior Services.

LIFE Senior Services will be holding clinics over the next few weeks to help you better understand your plan. But in order to attend you have to make an appointment. That phone number is 918-664-9000.

The first clinic will be held on Monday.