Stolen Custom Bike Returned To Store Owner

Friday, November 14th 2008, 6:32 pm
By: News On 6

By Emory Bryan, News on 6

TULSA, OK -- Police recovered some loot stolen from a south Tulsa rock and roll clothing store.

Tulsa police burglary detectives returned a custom motorcycle to the owner on Friday after a two week investigation into a high dollar theft.

Kim Collins waited anxiously to see what was coming. Tulsa police pulled up with what was a showpiece of her store.

A custom bike was stolen from her clothing store October 29th.

"It looks good considering what I thought it was going to look like," said Kim Collins, All Access owner.

The burglar took his time in the store after disabling the alarm. For almost an hour, he shopped for high dollar jeans.

Detective Josh Martin says this is the work of more than one person and it's a different kind of crime than the everyday burglary ring.

"And these are committed by numerous people, but these high dollar burglaries are committed by just a few and we can link them to several crimes and that's what we hope to do here," said Cpl. Josh Martin, Tulsa police detective.

Zack Collins built the bike that police recovered.

"They took the battery out and took off the key ignition, possibly to put another one in, or maybe they were just going to take the whole bike apart," said Zack Collins, motorcycle builder.

Another custom bike built by his father was also stolen from the store and it has not been found.

"The same people took it that took this one so I'm sure it will turn up," said Collins.

Detectives say the motorcycle changed hands four times before it was recovered.

They believe this burglary was part of a larger pattern of crimes committed by the same people and they hope to arrest them soon.

The police would only say they recovered the motorcycle in eastern Oklahoma and wouldn't say how many people were involved or what other crimes they might have committed.

However they did say this case is not related to another large burglary ring that was broken up earlier this week.

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