McAlester Man Draws 10 Years For Drug Ring Role

Wednesday, May 21st 2008, 10:22 pm
By: News On 6

A McAlester man is headed to federal prison for 10 years.  His sentencing on Wednesday nearly wraps up an investigation that's taken years of wiretaps, aerial surveillance and undercover drug buys.  The News On 6's crime reporter Lori Fullbright reports state and federal agencies worked together to bring a major drug ring to its knees.

Prosecutors say the Fry brothers were both making their own meth as well as bringing it up from Mexico.  As for how big the case is, one prosecutor said this drug ring was bringing enough meth into Pittsburgh County to get 60,000 people high a week.

Michael Fry is the most recent member of the drug ring to be sentenced.  He'll be in federal prison for 10 years.

Shannon Fry is also serving 10 years.  And, Brian Fry got 20 years behind bars.

All three pleaded guilty to crimes, including money laundering and traveling across state lines for illegal activities.

Jared Macchirella also got 10 years and a host of others are serving three to five year terms for their roles.

This investigation involved the seizure of more than 115 guns and 7,000 rounds of ammo.  Federal prosecutors are trying to seize eight tracts of land, along with cars, motorcycles and ATV's all worth around $3 million.

Court records say Michael and Shannon Fry made meth and all three of the Frys tried to get others to cook meth for them and buy it from places, like Texas and Mexico.

Prosecutors say the men used code words when making phone calls to arrange drug deals and used violence and intimidation to keep the business running.  They say the men used some of the money they made to buy more drugs, but used the rest of it to buy items as a way to hide the fact it was drug money.

They say the men even put their purchases in other people's names to avoid getting caught and to escape forfeiture.

The massive investigation involved city, county, state and federal agencies in Oklahoma and Texas.

One investigator described the men as home grown terrorists who were destroying our state while making massive profits.  They say this is just the kind of group that must be dismantled if Oklahoma is to be a drug-free state.