EXCLUSIVE: Widow Speaks Out On Husband's Death

Monday, May 19th 2008, 1:26 pm
By: News On 6

A case involving anger that went too far.  This time, it's a mother of two who is now alone because her husband was stabbed while he was trying to defend her honor.  The News On 6's crime reporter Lori Fullbright reports, in an exclusive, that Jeanine Christianson's life has been forever changed.

Jeanine Christianson was supposed to be celebrating her 10th wedding anniversary this weekend, but instead, she has been planning her husband's funeral.  The suspect has been on the run for nearly a week, but is behind bars.

Jeanine Christianson's life changed when she and her daughters were at Rooster Days and bumped into a former friend.  That woman confronted Jeanine, and then the woman's boyfriend started screaming.  Jeanine admits she screamed right back at the man she'd never met.

"He spit in my face, spit tobacco in my face and he reared up like this and I said, do it, go ahead and do it, do what you gotta do big man, do it," said Jeanine Christianson.

She says Kevin Robinson is the man who spit on her again and shoved her.

Police arrested Kevin Robinson and he was bonded out the next day.  Two days later, a neighbor told the Christiansons that Robinson was coming after them because they had him thrown in jail.  That's when Jeanine's husband, Brian, had enough and went to Robinson's house to fight it out.

Jeanine says Robinson came out armed.

"Kevin comes out, ‘come on (expletive), fight me now.'  And, he's got a knife in his hand. My husband kept saying ‘put the knife down, you're such a big man, put the knife down.' And, he started charging my husband at a fast walk," said Jeanine Christianson.

The two men end up on the ground and Brian gets stabbed.  While he was still on the ground, unconscious and paralyzed, Jeanine says Robinson stabbed her husband once more in the neck.

"I was screaming my head off and my husband's eyes rolled back in his head.  He wasn't responding," said Jeanine Christianson.

Brian was brain dead and, after donating his organs, he was removed from a respirator.

Now, his wife, a stay-at-home mom, must raise two little girls alone, without the husband who'd just been promoted at work and loved children and being outdoors.

"He's just such a great man, couldn't have asked for a better dad for my kids. He would've done anything for anyone and has," said Jeanine Christianson.

Robinson is being held in jail on a complaint of second degree murder and assault with a deadly weapon.  He was just released from prison a few months ago.

Brian Christianson's co-workers have set up a fund to help Jeanine and the girls.  Donations can be mailed to the following address:

Christianson Fund

First Presbyterian Church

121 W College Street

Broken Arrow, OK 74012