Craig County Tornado Damage

Monday, May 12th 2008, 1:51 pm
By: News On 6

Craig County also saw destruction after Saturday's severe weather.  News On 6 anchor Craig Day reports no people were killed in Craig County, but the storm was still very powerful.

"Everything I own, everything I have in the world is gone," said Shanna Friend.

Shanna Friend had just moved back home three weeks ago to be near family while her husband is in Iraq.  In fact, she had just put up the last shelf in her baby's nursery the morning of the tornado.

"There's nothing.  I have no crib, no swing, no diapers, nothing.  Literally had time to grab him and get out," said Shanna Friend.

As the weather got worse, Shanna had a bad feeling, so she gathered up two-month-old Riley and got out.

"There were definitely angels on my side.  There was no rain, blue skies just like this, but something said get out and I just left," said Shanna Friend.

Two minutes later, the storm hit.

Shanna's house no longer stands where it was built.  The tornado lifted her house, catapulted it through trees, through a fence and it ended up against her neighbor's home.

Eddie Hancock is thankful his daughter and grandbaby are safe, but he lost two horses.

"It took one of my colts and best as we can figure, it threw her 40-50 feet.  It was dead out here.  It took one of my big mares and deposited her a quarter-mile down there," said Eddie Hancock.

In all, 15 homes in Craig County were damaged by the twister.  Six were destroyed, including a brick home wiped completely off its slab, leaving just the bathtub.

But, no one was killed or seriously injured in the county.

"The people in this part of the county, the good Lord was looking after them and they are very fortunate," said Craig County Sheriff Jimmy Sooter.

While cleanup is underway, there is a miracle among the misfortune, as Hancock sees a new horse born; proving Mother Nature is both cruel and kind.

"Life goes on here in Oklahoma," said Eddie Hancock.

Shanna Friend's husband will be able to come home from Iraq to help with cleanup and relocation.