Club Guy Performs Surgery Under Pressure

Thursday, May 1st 2008, 9:34 pm
By: News On 6

It was the delivery of a broken driver that put the pressure on Paul Boehmer. The LPGA Club Repair Technician, Club Guy for short, is performing speedy surgery on a busted club from the first round of the SemGroup Championship.

"Every time is a time crunch out here," said Boehmer.  "They want to get out on the golf course."

Just like the pros know how to make big putts, Paul's used to this kind of pressure.  He even multi-tasks by managing a phone conversation while doctoring the driver. 

"You caught me at a great time here," said Boehmer while on the telephone.  "I'm trying to repair a club for somebody who's out on the golf course, doing a little TV thing here. But you know I always love talking to you."

It's just another day at the trailer. This outfit travels from tournament-to-tournament, coast-to-coast.

"Been all the way back to the West Coast back to the East Coast to the southern tip of Florida then back up here before I start for Virginia tomorrow morning," Boehmer said.

Pros stop by for club treatment throughout tournament week.  Defending SemGroup Champion Mi Hyun Kim was peering while Paul adjusted her putter.

It's a labor of love he started doing almost 10 years ago.

"I came out in 1999 to be a two week replacement for the guy who was doing it who got hurt hooking it up to the trailer one day," said Boehmer.  "Either he hasn't healed up or he's not coming back."

Paul's part of the traveling road show that is the LPGA Tour, but the trek hasn't always been easy. His parents passed away a few years ago and the ladies have helped heal his heart.

It just happened to be his birthday.

"It's sad, been out here long enough for them to remember my birthday," said Boehmer.  

Then again, how could they forget?

By Kyle Dierking, Video Journalist.