Cedar Ridge's Six Toughest Holes

Sunday, April 20th 2008, 7:00 pm
By: News On 6

The following are the six toughest tournament holes according to how the LPGA played at the 2007 SemGroup Championship.

Par 4's weren't easy for the LPGA at last year's SemGroup Championship. Among six hardest holes for the ladies in 2007, all were par 4's.

NewsOn6.com takes you through the six toughest holes with Cedar Ridge Country Club Head Golf Professional, Buddy Phillips.

#6: Hole 4 - 401 yards, Par 4

The Numbers: Although this hole ranks sixth-toughest, 31 shot over par, while 43 were scratch golfers on this hole.

Buddy Says: "The green is uphill, very undulating and a semi two-tiered green. It's well trapped with a lot of good pin placement."

#5: Hole 16 - 380 yards, Par 4

The Numbers: Golfers averaged a 4.290 on this hole with the majority, 49, shooting par. However, 20 golfers were at +1.

Buddy Says: "The green is very undulating and there's a lot of contour to the green. Putting on this green is very tough. It can get away from them on this hole."

#3: (Tie)Hole 17 - 422 yards, Par 4

The Numbers: Only five golfers birdied this hole last year and 21 were over par. Golfers averaged a 4.296.

Buddy Says: "A lot of them got it in the left rough and knocked it in the water on their second shot."

#3: (Tie)Hole 3 - 343 yards, Par 4

The Numbers: 33 golfers finished over par on this hole, more than any other at the SemGroup Championship last year. Two golfers were lucky enough shoot under par tying hole 17 with an average of 4.296.

Buddy Says: "It's kind of a love/hate situation. There's a sharp dog leg left. You have to drive it up there and keep it within a 25-yard landing area. People that have asked me over the years I tell them to play it like two par three's."

#2: Hole 18 - 406 yards, Par 4

The Numbers: Golfers played to a 4.304 average featuring 50 pars, 22 shooting over par and only six birdies.

Buddy Says: "There's a lot of great pin placements on the 18th green. It's uphill and the ball runs to the left if you don't carry that rise."

#1: Hole 8 - 405 yards, Par 4

The Numbers: With 31 over par holes compared to 45 scratch or better golfers, number eight ranks as the toughest with an average of 4.345.

Buddy Says: "You've got to land the ball in the fairway. The green is about 43 yards deep. There's a lot of pin placements and a lot of judgment in terms of getting the ball close to the pin."