Former Investigator Wants Trial Moved

Thursday, April 17th 2008, 12:20 pm
By: News On 6

A criminal investigator on trial for child molestation wants to get out of town.  Ed Willingham, Junior, is the former lead investigator for the Creek County District Attorney's Office.  The News On 6's Jeffrey Smith reports he wants his trial moved from the area where he once was on the other side of the law.

Ed Willingham is charged with giving beer to a young girl and then molesting her.

"I want him to go to prison. And that's what she wanted. The night this happened, she said I hope he goes to prison. And I said, baby, we're going to do everything we can," said LouAnn Gleason, a relative of the victim.

Willingham was in court on Thursday for his arraignment.  His lawyer says he'll file for a change of venue.

"Mr. Willingham has arrested a whole lot of people here. And, in my opinion, and as a criminal defense lawyer for 35 years, you can take every person you arrest and multiple by that by 12, and that's how many people that they've told," said Creekmore Wallace, Willingham's attorney.

"Why move it? I mean, I can't see any reason why it can't be held right here," counters LouAnn Gleason, the victim's relative.

The victim's family says if the trial is moved out of the county, justice won't be served

"I mean, he took something from this child that can't ever be replaced again. I mean, she's gone through a lot. And, we have to live with her every day. Every day we have to see how she's just lost interest in things. And he needs to pay for that," said LouAnn Gleason, the victim's relative.

Willingham's next court date is set for early July.  That's when a decision on the motion could be finalized

Right now, the case is scheduled to be heard in October.  But, that could all change if the judge grants the change in venue.

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