Shutterbugs Join Forces To Improve Their Craft

Monday, April 14th 2008, 5:10 pm
By: News On 6

A group of photographers met by going online to a website called, Meetup.

"Tulsa has a photography group; it's for beginners, intermediate and professionals. And, we all learn from each other and teach each other," said Deborah Moffat, the group's organizer.

Beyond sharing tips and photos online, they now meet up as friends and go on photo shoots together, like in the Brady District.

"It's really great because we all have different interests and expertise. I might be good at Photoshop. Deb is really good at studio lighting. Another guy is really good at macro-photography. So, it's a way for us to get together and find out all the various expertise and learn from each other," said Marty Coleman.

For a few hours they compare f-stops, argue composition and photograph models in the sun and in the shade. Their cameras are different, but their motivation is the same.

"You don't need a great camera. I'm in this group and I don't even have a Digital SLR right now. Some people have lenses as big as the whole city and others have a point-and-shoot. Some people are beginners and they don't know the first thing about the technical, but they know they love it and they know the composition or they know they love color and that's all you need," said Coleman.

"Do what I did. I went on the internet, typed in "photography" and Meetup page came up; I joined," said Moffat.

And since that day, Moffat has been sharing her love of photography with new friends that are clicking their way into the digital revolution.

By Chris Howell, Video Journalist. Find more of his stories in our Web Exclusives section.