Bill Self May Be Offered Millions By OSU

Monday, April 7th 2008, 11:58 pm
By: News On 6

Kansas Jayhawks coach Bill Self could be cashing in at OSU.  There is a reported deal on the table that would make him the richest coach in college basketball history.  Then, there are his ties to Stillwater.  The News On 6's Chris Wright reports he played there.  He coached there.  He even married the cheerleader.

According to reports, OSU is ready to pay Bill Self as much $3.5 million a year, as well as offer him a $6 million signing bonus.  It's a potential offer that has left Cowboy fans anything but speechless.

"This story breaks today, on the day of the championship game, it's insane," said radio host Chris Plank.

The calls poured into the Plank Show Monday afternoon, just hours before tipoff between Kansas and The University of Memphis.

Rumors are swirling about the big money OSU will reportedly throw at Bill Self, in an effort to lure him home to Stillwater.  So far, the reaction from Pokes fans is mixed.

"I've about had it with the arrogance of KU. I'm hoping Boone gets more than $6 million to get Bill to come home," said one caller to the Plank Show.

Others are upset with the timing, saying this should have been kept under wraps until the season is over.

"I think they kind of shot themselves in the foot on getting him now, because I'm sure he's mad," said another caller.

Jayhawk fans even called in, convinced that regardless of the reported millions, Self will stay put.

"I'm not angry. I just know Bill Self. He's not greedy.  He doesn't need that kind of money. No one does," said a KU fan, who called in.

The hosts of the show certainly don't mind the controversy.  They say few things make for better sports talk radio than a possible big-time coaching change.

"But when you have a coaching change or when you have a team that's making a push like Oklahoma State is, it's great for sports talk radio and sports in general," said host Chris Plank.

"I love having this time of year with something like this to talk about to continue to feed the fire of sports fans," added Jeremy Poplin of The Buzz.

And, until an official offer is made, and until Self accepts or rejects it, expect the calls to keep coming in.

Bill Self played and coached for OSU until 1993, when he left to take over at ORU.  He later coached TU, as well.

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