Voters Approve Election Changes

Tuesday, March 18th 2008, 3:09 pm
By: News On 6

Voters in all Tulsa precints approved changes to current election procedures and voting policy outlined in the City Charter.  Proposition 1 was approved by 10,142 votes or 78.1% of the voting public.  "No" votes totaled 2,843 or 21.9%.  Proposition 2 passed with 74.3% approval or 9,710 votes.  A total of 3,355 voters, or 25.7%, voted against the proposition.

Proposition 1 will move the current spring municipal officer elections now held in even-numbered years to the fall of odd-numbered years.  The switch is being proposed to give newly elected city leaders additional time to work on Tulsa's annual budget.  Deadline for the mayor to submit budget figures to councilors each by May 1 of each year.  Councilors must then have the budget ready to approve by July 1. 

Because voters passed Proposition 1, the next municipal elections will take place in the fall of next year instead of spring, 2010.

Proposition 2 will amend the definition of qualified elector in the Charter to align with Oklahoma State Law and allow voters, who have recently moved, but were unable to change their voter registration, to vote.