New Option For Buying And Selling Goods

Friday, March 7th 2008, 5:21 pm
By: News On 6

A stay at home mom turned entrepreneur is making an impact on online trade in Green Country. is a Tulsa based website designed so businesses and the public can sell or buy what they want, without the hassle of shipping and bidding.

It's the shipping and bidding process that scares some buyer's away from eBay. Not to mention there's zero delivery costs.

Co-owner Cynthia Outlaw stayed at home with her kids for eleven years and decided she wanted to go back to work, but with two kids she needed a very flexible schedule. Now, she works from home.

"I was thinking about what I was going to do with my time as they were more into school and I had done a lot of volunteer work through church and schools and things of that nature. And I thought I probably needed to get back to work, but how am I going to do that with the confines of their schedule, my husbands schedule and my own schedule and that's the prime reason why I was so excited as I am about this," said Cynthia Outlaw, Co-owner of

The difference between this website and others is that there's no auction. The seller puts the item, or service online with the exact cost he or she requires. Individual sellers pay $9.95 per month to have 20 items featured. Businesses pay a monthly fee of $19.95 to show off 100 items.

Buyers, of course, can shop around for free. was just launched November 2 of last year and is a work in progress. But, Cynthia is looking forward to it taking off.

"I think it's just because we have a good concept and people are ready for it," said Outlaw.

Not only can you sell and shop, you can also offer or search for services. For instance, ironing for an hourly cost or contact an Elvis impersonator for your wedding.

It's important to mention sellers are anonymous and all transactions go between the shopper and the seller. The buyer only knows what you want them to. There's no commission for the site besides the sellers sign-up fee.

Cynthia says its not just about her being able to stay at home, but through the site, green country residents have the same option.

"It gives them a market place for their items or services at their convenience that can offer anything that they want to be home based," said Outlaw.

By Margaret Stokes, anchor/reporter and Kyle Dierking, Video Journalist. Find more of their stories in our Web Exclusives section.