Monopoly Looking For The World's Best Cities

Wednesday, February 27th 2008, 5:30 pm
By: News On 6

Across the globe, Monopoly fans are casting their votes online to determine the greatest cities of the world.  Unfortunately, Tulsa has not yet been named, there's an opportunity to change that.

Twenty cities have already been chosen to be on the first ballot. They include the obvious cities of Washington, D.C., New York and Boston. Then, there are the harder to pronounce and to recognize cities like Bratislava, Kuala Lumpeur, and Riga just to name a few.

Although Tulsa didn't make the first ballot, T-town is up for nomination as a wild card city.  Everything now is up for voters.  Proud Tulsans have until February 29th to vote for Tulsa as their favorite wild card city.

Currently, Tulsa is not on top 20 wild card leader board.

Tulsa seems the perfect city to be in the Monopoly game; after all, the city is already home to Park Place.

"I'm always fond of the name Park Place because obviously that's the place you want to be in the Monopoly game.  I think it's fitting and why not Tulsa on the worldwide Monopoly board," said Greg Wright, Vice President of Capital Assets.

Going with the Monopoly theme, thought it a good idea to check things out at the jail.

"Does Tulsa have a get out of jail free card?   Not in Tulsa. Do people wish there was? I'm sure they do," said Shannon Clark with the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office.

And, even though we don't have the Reading Railroad, Tulsa does have the Burlington Northern Santa Fe.