Congregation Counting Their Blessings

Tuesday, February 26th 2008, 11:12 pm
By: News On 6

Members of a Green Country congregation are counting their blessings on Tuesday, even though part of their church has been destroyed. A pickup truck slammed into the First Assembly Church in Pryor over the weekend. News On 6 anchor Craig Day reports when Pastor Steve McPherson was told by emergency crews there was an incident at Pryor's First Assembly Church, he wasn't sure what to expect.

"We had two big air conditioning units on the outside, and one of them is in my office. The other is right outside the exterior wall, sort of splintered like an eggshell," said Pastor Steve McPherson with Pryor First Assembly.

On Saturday, a pickup slammed through an exterior brick wall, a concrete block wall, and two interior walls.

"Really there was no loss of life, no severe physical injuries so that was obviously the first concern and secondly, it was, well what do you do now," said Pastor McPherson.

The truck driver wasn't seriously hurt. But, there is a lot of damage left behind after the pickup went through a classroom, into the pastor's office, and almost out the other side.

"This is just a building, this can be fixed. This is just stuff," said Pastor McPherson.

Despite all of the damage, church members say it could have been much worse. If the accident happened at any other time, on any other day, the church could have been filled with people.

"Everybody acknowledges the Lord sure helped to protect everyone involved here, because in a different situation it could have been a very major disaster," Pastor McPherson.

While it could have been serious, and church members certainly have a big cleanup job ahead, they're still staying positive about the experience.

"I told my wife, you know three good things here. The driver wasn't hurt, we get to remodel, and I get a new desk. So this is a good deal," said Pastor McPherson.

Church members have salvaged old pictures, documents, and other things meaningful to the church. Insurance will cover the damage. The church still plans to hold service on Wednesday night.