One-On-One With Rotnei Clark

Sunday, February 17th 2008, 9:47 pm
By: News On 6

Verdigris basketball player Rotnei Clarke is on the verge of breaking Oklahoma's career scoring record and Videojournalist Kyle Dierking talked with Clarke about everything except basketball.

Kyle Dierking: What do you like to do in town that's not basketball related?

Rotnei Clarke: There's not a lot to do here in Verdigris. All we've got here is a QuikTrip so we go over to Claremore and hang out with my friends and teammates a lot. On Monday's we go out to eat at Wings to Go. I also go to church - I'm usually there Wednesday's and Sunday's. There's not a lot to do but, I usually just hang out and be myself.

KD: What's your favorite meal at Wings to Go?

RC: The hot wings are pretty good. My teammates and I ate a lot.

KD: What's the can't-miss TV show or a movie you've seen lately that's been pretty good?

RC: I just saw Fools Gold with Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson - that was a pretty good movie but I haven't been to one in a while. One of my most favorite movies is probably Glory Road. We saw that a couple years ago before the state tournament and that got us really pumped up.

KD: What do you like Music-wise?

RC: I started out just liking straight rap but there's a lot of unedited things you shouldn't hear. So I got my CD's mostly edited but now I'm getting into Christian rap. It's really cool and that's what I listen to during warm-ups. You don't have to worry about cuss words, it's real clean and it's about God - it's a good thing.

KD: Tell me about your hair-style.

RC: I started out with a flat top. It was real boxed like my dad's and I didn't like that at all. I tried to go a different style than his and everybody said my dad and I looked alike - I did not want to look like him. I just kind of designed it myself and a lot of people have kind of been wearing it that way too. I'll probably shave it if we win the state tournament.

KD: Do the teammates like it or do the ladies like it for that matter?

RC: I don't know you'd have to ask them. The guys like it though.

KD: As long as you don't look like dad though?

RC: Exactly.

By Kyle Dierking, Video Journalist