Waitress Turned Model

Wednesday, February 13th 2008, 10:01 pm
By: News On 6

Could Bartlesville, Oklahoma provide America with its next top model?

Amy Jenkins is going to try to make that happen beginning next Wednesday when the hit reality show "America's Next Top Model" premiers on the CW.

"This is huge for Bartlesville."

At Inspirations Dance School in Bartlesville, Amy Jenkins is the talk of the dance floor, especially for the young girls hoping to someday make it big.

"Like Amy, you know she studied right here, just like they are, and look where she's at," said Shannon Fox, Dance Instructor.

Amy Jenkins is Shannon Fox's former student.  In fact Amy was set to begin teaching dance, when she made the cut on America's Next Top Model.

"It's just the most exciting most thrilling opportunity I've ever had. And I've always been interested in fashion. I've always felt like I was too big for Oklahoma, too big for my small town. And I just want to do something fantastic!" said Amy (Amis) Jenkins, Top Model Contestant.

Amy's parents say, for better or worse, she's always been different from other Bartlesville girls.  They've always believed she was meant to do something great and this is her moment.

"I would love to see her win and I'm pulling for her all the way.  I just know she has it in her to win," said M'Liss Jenkins, Amis' Mother.

But, her parents say, they do have reservations about the reality of Reality TV.

"I am nervous as a mom seeing my daughter on national television, knowing that part of it is exploiting some of those probably weak moments because of entertainment," said M'Liss Jenkins.

"And they take a lot of things out of context and she may come off of this thing looking like a monster. But it's just because that's how they framed her," said Carl Jenkins, Amis' Father. 

"But you don't think that'll happen do you?" asked News On 6 Anchor Jennifer Loren.

"I hope not," said Carl Jenkins.

But for the girl from Bartlesville, Reality TV has become more than just that, she truly believes she is America's Next Top Model.

"I have to stay. I will stay. I am so determined. I know, I truly know and believe that this is my purpose. I wouldn't have been able to go this far if it weren't," said Amis Jenkins.

And it's that kind of fire Shannon Fox says will keep Amy at the top of the heap.

"Her personality, that sells in Reality TV. That sells. People watch that. They look for that and I think that's what she has going for her more than anything," said Fox.

America's Next Top Model premiers next Wednesday night on CW12/19.

There are two Amy's on the show.  This Amy is going by her childhood nickname, Amis.