Bananas Foster Chocolate Fondue

Friday, February 8th 2008, 1:32 pm
By: News On 6


Slurry Ingredients:
½ cup butter Butter
1 cup Light brown sugar
¼ teaspoon Ground Cinnamon
½ teaspoon Vanilla extract
¼ cup Banana liqueur
¼ cup Captain Morgan's® Spiced Rum

Slurry Prep Procedure:
1. Melt butter over low heat.
2. Add brown sugar, ground cinnamon, and vanilla extract.
3. Allow mixture to simmer and bubble until sugar completely melts.
4. Remove from heat and add banana liqueur and spiced rum.
5. Transfer to small bowl.
6. Cover, & refrigerate up to 7-days.

1. Melt White Chocolate over low heat. The proper melting temperature for chocolate is 120° F. For best results, melt chocolate in double boiler fondue pot.
2. Pour ½ cup slurry mixture on top of white chocolate.
3. Option: Flambé with 151 proof rum; allow sugar to caramelize. Then, using the shaker, sprinkle cinnamon into flambé flames to create a
"sparkle effect."
5. Use a spoon to swirl chocolate mixture.

Serve chocolate fondue desserts with an assortment of fresh fruits, marshmallows and cakes.

From: "The Melting Pot"