John Edwards Brings Presidential Campaign To Tulsa

Tuesday, January 29th 2008, 7:37 am
By: News On 6

With only a week left until Super Tuesday, Democratic Presidential Candidate John Edwards made one more stop in the Sooner State.  He held a rally in Tulsa on Tuesday to try to build enough support to beat Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, who are leading the race nationally.  The News On 6's Carina Sonn reports Senator John Edwards' rock star entrance at the Transport Workers Union in Tulsa eventually turned into serious business.  

The first item criticized President Bush's speech on Monday night.

"I don't know how many of you got a chance, or could bear to listen to George Bush's state of the union address last night," said Edwards.

Edwards says he disagrees with the President's plan for Iraq and tax cuts for businesses and the upper class.  He pushed his proposals to raise the minimum wage, punish predatory pay day lenders, and increase college enrollment, ideas, he says that will help eliminate poverty.

"We need to first strengthen and grow the middle class and then we need to lift people into the middle class.  That's what creates long-term economic growth in this country," said Edwards.

Folks like Daryl McGee just wanted to hear what the Senator had to say, but says his ideal candidate would change everything from healthcare to the war, and veterans assistance.

While many are still deciding just who to vote for on Super Tuesday, others say seeing, is believing in Senator Edwards.

"Hearing him speak, and comparing it to other speeches that I've heard, his speech was the best by far," said James Daman.

For others, it made their choice easier.

"He had my vote anyway, but hearing his speech in person just cemented my vote," said Brian McBroom.

The rally even grabbed the attention of registered Republicans like Brynea Daman.

"I'll pay a little more attention to him, because I haven't paid a whole lot of attention to him as a candidate yet," said Daman.

That is what the Edwards campaign is looking for, if that attention translates into more votes.

About 450 people attended Wednesday's rally.

Edwards also made appearances in Missouri and Minnesota.