Chocolatier Stirs Up Sweet Success in Tulsa

Thursday, January 24th 2008, 11:12 pm
By: News On 6

When Patrick Aldred told us he was making chocolates, we rushed to his shop in the Brady district.

‘I've been into chocolate making for about twenty years," said Aldred. "At first in the U.K., I was making chocolates; learned from the Belgians. Ended up working for an industrial chocolate company, actually called Belcolade, and I use their products today."

But Aldred dreamed of creating something new.

"I wanted to go back to my passion, making chocolates,"remarked Aldred.

So he moved to Tulsa to build his new company, CFC Chocolatier.

"Actually stands for Champagne, Fragola, Cioccolato," explains Aldred, "which is in Italian for Champagne, Strawberries and Chocolate.  Our largest customer is the Venetian, and now the new Pilazzo which is opening up in Las Vegas. So I created this gondola."

These gondolas and his other tempting treats are being gobbled up by chocolate lovers from coast to coast.

When he offered, I couldn't resist the opportunity to help Patrick turn out some of these delicious confections.

"Drop them right on, we have to move rather quickly because chocolate is setting all the time," explains Aldred.

Oh great! No pressure, right? But they just keep coming!! Oh well he won't miss this one, and maybe this one!

"Alright guys, listen up. We all know Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and why not get her something a little different this year. Look at this, it's chocolate with layers of shells of all different flavors, they all have special meanings, and I'm going to try this pink one right here... mmm good!" said Margaret.

So if you love chocolate, try CFC Chocolatier.

‘It's an experience, some people say that my chocolate is like a party going on in their mouths, and that to me is - that completes it," said Aldred.

By Margaret Stokes, anchor/reporter & Chris Howell, Video Journalist