Poultry Industry Calls Injunction `PR Stunt'

Friday, November 16th 2007, 6:19 am
By: News On 6

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) -- The poultry industry fires another shot in its war of words with Oklahoma Attorney General Drew Edmondson. Edmondson on Wednesday filed a motion for a preliminary injunction to stop the application of chicken litter on land in the Illinois River watershed. He alleged that fecal bacteria in poultry waste could pose a health threat to those who flock to the river for recreation.

But Poultry Community Council spokeswoman Jackie Cunningham labeled Edmondson's move a public relations stunt and said his claims are nothing but scare tactics and exaggerations.

Cunningham says the industry has no knowledge of anyone falling ill as a result of chicken litter being used as fertilizer.

Edmondson sued the poultry companies in 2005, saying litter pollution rendered Lake Tenkiller in northeastern Oklahoma 70% oxygen dead and accused poultry companies of treating Oklahoma's rivers like open sewers.

More than half the Illinois River's watershed is in Adair, Cherokee, Delaware and Sequoyah counties.

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