Suspect Arrested in Fatal Hit And Run Traffic Accident

Saturday, November 10th 2007, 12:03 am
By: News On 6

Police say a Tulsa woman admits that she ran over and killed five people in a Friday night traffic accident. The deadly hit and run accident happened at 11:04 pm Friday at 12th and Memorial Drive. According to a Tulsa Police report, 37-year-old Kimberly Graham called 911 Saturday morning and told them she first thought she had hit a car. In the report, Tulsa Police say Graham told officers she ran off because she had been drinking.

Four of the victims were in the road trying to help a woman who had just wrecked her motorcycle. News On 6 reporter Emory Bryan reports Tulsa Police say the suspected driver, Kimberly Graham drove through the accident scene striking all five victims.

Tulsa Police say 37-year-old Kimberly Graham turned herself in Saturday morning. She told police where to find the pickup truck that fit the description of the one which left the accident scene. Tulsa Police say Graham was questioned about the accident and then taken to the Tulsa County jail, where she was booked on five complaints of second-degree manslaughter and five complaints of leaving the scene of an accident.

Three of the victims' bodies lay along a 50-yard section of Memorial Drive following the accident late Friday. EMSA ambulances rushed two other victims to Tulsa hospitals where they died as well.

Tulsa Police spent most of late Friday and early Saturday searching the scene for any clues to the pickup truck that ran over the victims.

"Obviously a terrible thing, a terrible collision that happened tonight," said Tulsa Police officer Jason Willingham.

Police say it started just after 11 pm Friday, when a woman had a motorcycle accident leaving the parking lot of the Back Yard Bar at 1229 South Memorial. Four people rushed out onto Memorial Drive to help her, when they were all run over by a Dodge Ram pickup truck. Witnesses gave Tulsa Police a detailed description but no tag number. Police found parts of the pickup truck at the scene.

Saturday morning, members of the victim’s families were angry.

"And that's when this pickup came through and just plowed them under," said one victim’s father Jim Lacy.

Lacy's son, 36-year-old Shannon Lacy was killed in the accident.

"He was, he had his stuff together and had a great life," said Jim Lacy.

Tulsa Police say four of the victims were risking their lives to help someone else when they were killed.

"This section of road is a decent lit piece of road, short of putting a fire truck out there, I don't know what else you could do,” said police officer Jason Willingham.

Tusa Police continue to investigate the accident.

Watch the video: Deadly Traffic Accident