Sending Sons To War

Sunday, October 28th 2007, 8:54 pm
By: News On 6

A Jenks family is sending a son off to Iraq on Monday. It’s something they’ve done before and something they’ll do again. The News On 6’s Emory Bryan reports Michael McCann leaves for Iraq on Monday. And, he’ll join a brother who is already there.

At the Village Florist shop in Jenks, Monica McCann holds on to her grandchild whose father is on his way to Iraq. For McCann, it's a familiar job sending off a soldier. This time, it's her second oldest, Michael, who will be deployed to the war zone.

"I'm very proud of my children, but I'm also afraid,” said Monica McCann.

McCann’s oldest son went to Baghdad with the Army last May. Another son expects to be deployed as soon as he's done with infantry training in the Marines.

"I know everybody is tired of the war and everybody wants the boys to come home. And, I understand that and I do, too. I wish my boys didn't have to go, but they do. And, they're over there and a lot of other people's children are over there. And, they need our support, whether we agree with the war or not, to me that's irrelevant. They're over there and they need our support,” said Monica McCann, military mom.

McCann's interest in the troops goes beyond her own three sons, and that's why she does all she can to support them. She has made the florist shop the only drop-off point in Jenks for the Blue Star Mothers, who package supplies and deliver them to the troops.

"We became a donation spot because the closest one to here is 21st and Sheridan. And, I figured if we were a donation spot it would alleviate the need for everyone to travel to 21st and Sheridan,” said Monica McCann.

McCann, her daughter-in-law and granddaughter have a long wait ahead of them, but they plan on keeping up the support for each other and the soldiers, until everyone comes home.

And, she's got another son in ROTC. She fully expects him to join the military after graduation. In the meantime, she's continuing to help raise money for the Blue Star Mothers, so they can continue to put together those care packages for the troops.

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