Watch Out For Door-To-Door Scam

Friday, October 19th 2007, 4:02 pm
By: News On 6

A scam warning is out for everyone in Green Country. This one doesn't come in the mail or over the internet. This one is face-to-face and being done by teenagers going door-to-door. News On 6 crime reporter Lori Fullbright reports the teens claim to live nearby and say they’re raising money to attend a sports tournament, often in Hawaii. They also claim part of the money they collect will help provide books for children.

Jack Sharp doesn't look or act like your typical 84 year old. He rides his bike three times a week, lives on his own and has been quite successful. Still, he was taken in by a couple of polite, clean-cut teenage boys who knocked on his front door.

They said they lived in the next neighborhood and were raising money for a trip to Hawaii to play in a baseball world championship. They said Jack could help them and charity at the same time.

"Part of the money went to buy books for Ronald McDonald and various similar organizations, and of course, that touches a person's heart,” said Tulsan Jack Sharp.

Jack was a bit overwhelmed by their fast talking approach and wrote them a check for $96 and received a receipt that said Quality Subscriptions. After Jack had time to think about it, he did the smart thing and went online where his suspicions were confirmed.

He found plenty of information about the company. The AARP issued a warning about the company. The Better Business Bureau received complaints. And, others reported similar stories

"I've been had. No, it wasn't the money really. It was the disappointment in being conned by two young men who I think need to be stopped at this point," said Tulsan Jack Sharp.

Jack stopped payment on his check and now wants to warn others. Still, the whole thing makes him sad.

"I came from an era that, it didn't even occur to us to do something like this and yet, this is very common place today,” said Tulsan Jack Sharp.

The scam serves as a reminder. You should never buy anything over the phone. And, only buy something from someone at your door, if you know them or their family personally. The people who took advantage of Jack Sharp now have his checking account number, name and address. They could use that information to steal his identity.

If you fall victim to con artists, don’t get embarrassed. Instead, take action. Stop payment on your check, change your account numbers, call the police, and report it to the Better Business Bureau.

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