Friends React To Deadly Plane Crash

Thursday, October 18th 2007, 5:15 pm
By: News On 6

The National Transportation Safety Board’s probe into Wednesday’s plane crash near Glenpool will likely take six months to complete. A minister, a doctor and the doctor’s three children died in the crash. News On 6 anchor Omar Villafranca reports Rev. Bill Wiseman, Jr., Dr. Rhonda Lunn and her three children were aboard the plane.

Rev. Wiseman was a former state representative who helped make the lethal injection the state's form of the death penalty. Dr. Rhonda Lunn was a respected OB-GYN in Tulsa. Today, their families and friends are in shock.

One plane crash took the lives of five people close to Father Stephen McKee.

“He (Wiseman) grew up reading the Bible, studying it. He comes here and he's a maverick certainly, but he had a way of teaching. His class kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger. He just sat on a stool for 45 minutes and just wow everybody. Rhonda and her three kids were very involved. They were here every Sunday, except when they were out of town, and sang in the choir,” said Father Stephen McKee of Trinity Episcopal Church.

Oklahoma Attorney General Drew Edmonson roomed with Rev. Bill Wiseman when they were both freshman state representatives. He remembers Wiseman as a hard worker.

"We were both young Turks in the legislature trying to change the world. I actually think Bill did more good in the legislature than I did. He was a great intellect and a great human being," said Attorney General Drew Edmondson.

The news of Dr. Lunn's death spread quickly. Messages of sympathy from patients and friends flooded the web.

Faith made Father McKee and Bill Wiseman friends. He says that same faith will have to carry all their friends through this tough time.

“That's what the faith means, it doesn't give us back what we want, because we want them back, but it does give us hope that we'll be able to greet them and be with them sometime else,” said Father Stephen McKee of Trinity Episcopal Church.

Funeral services are still being planned. Dr. Lunn's three children, Kathryn, Michael and Adrienne were all students at Cascia Hall. The school will have a special prayer before their football game tonight. The school is on fall break, but counselors will be there for students when classes resume on Monday.

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