8-Year-Old Escapes Kidnapper

Tuesday, October 16th 2007, 7:42 am
By: News On 6

A quick thinking 8-year-old is home with her family after she freed herself from a kidnapper’s car. Breanna Williams was playing inside her Oklahoma City home when she says a man walked inside, grabbed her and threatened to kill her if she said anything. Breanna says the man then put her in a van and drove away. When they stopped, Breanna says she fought back like her parents taught her to do.

"So when he went out I was thinking about my life and everything that's gonna happen to me if I didn't bite him, or kick him, or do something. So I bit him on the hand then took off," said Breanna Williams.

Breanna ran as fast as she could to a nearby home. She says the nice people who lived there called police who then took her home.

Police have not found the kidnapper.