The Backyard Bowl On The Big Screen

Thursday, October 11th 2007, 9:47 pm
By: News On 6

Two Tulsa filmmakers bring the Backyard Bowl to the big screen. They have captured the Jenks-Union football rivalry in a documentary called "King of the Mountain." Dozens of Jenks and Union fans gathered in Jenks Thursday night to watch the first screening. The News On 6’s Ashli Sims reports the rivalry is just as intense on the silver screen as it is on the gridiron.

When Jenks and Union football players burst on to the field, you know you're in for a battle. Two local filmmakers hope when moviegoers pour into a theatre, they'll get that same rush.

"People are cheering in parts and you know and having a good time, and it kind of surprised me. I wasn't ready for that," said filmmaker Rick Shadle.

He and Darren Ingram are the long-time football fans and first-time filmmakers behind “King of the Mountain.”

They chronicled the 2003 season, following Jenks and Union players and coaches on and off the field. It took them four years to go from filming to filling a theatre.

"It's like being pregnant for four years and finally being able to give birth," Shadle said.

Thursday’s sneak peak in Jenks is just the beginning.

“King of the Mountain” will premiere in two local theaters in two weeks. It will be released on DVD this winter.

Rick Shadle says the whole process has made him even more of a fan.

"And, the success between the two schools has just continued to be amazing to watch. It's sort of proved my point that there's something amazing going on. And, it's still going on, and there's no end in sight," said filmmaker Rick Shadle.

The movie premieres in Tulsa later this month. Tickets to screen the film are being sold online.

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