Big Voter Turnout In Two Communities Help Vote Down River Plan

Wednesday, October 10th 2007, 8:36 pm
By: News On 6

The Tulsa City Councilors who represent North Tulsa say Tuesday night's vote sent a strong message about voter turnout in their districts. They claimed their voter turnout was up and overwhelmingly against the river tax. The News On 6 spent all day poring over the numbers. The News On 6’s Ashli Sims reports it seems the voter turnout wasn't quite as high as predicted.

More than 127,000 voters cast ballots on Tuesday. That's slightly fewer than those who voted in the Vision 2025 election of 2003. North Tulsa followed that trend with about 500 more voters casting ballots for Vision 2025. The big difference was how North Tulsa voted.

The News On 6 compared Tuesday’s vote with the most voted on proposition from Vision 2025. While Vision 2025 was overwhelmingly approved by Tulsa County in 2003, North Tulsa voted it down as a community. The vote was 46% yes compared with 54% voting no.

About the same number of North Tulsa voters cast ballots Tuesday, but on the river vote the community seemed to speak as one, with nearly 80% of North Tulsa voters rejecting the tax hike.

"The North community has arisen, and the North community is a community to be reckoned with from this day forward," said Tulsa City Councilor Roscoe Turner.

Another interesting number, North Tulsa voters are just a fraction of overall Tulsa County voters. But they're nearly one-tenth of the voters who struck down the river plan.

Broken Arrow also played a key role in the vote, more than 15,000 showed up at the polls and they were 15% of the no votes.

So just two communities, North Tulsa and Broken Arrow, made up about a quarter of no votes.

Watch the video: Two Communities Made Up 25% Of No River Vote

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